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    Maple walk School Lunches

    Todmorden Foods


    If you require more lunches over the term please contact info@todmordenfoods.com


    Term 3 Lunches Maple Walk Lunches (all school days)

    Term 3 Lunches Maple Walk Lunches (all school days)

    Term 3 Maple Walk Term 1 Lunches (all school days)
    Coming soon
  • CHoose 1 to 4 days a week

    contact info@todmordenfoods.com

  • Some info.. more at www.todmordenfoods.com

    Healthy, Complete & Satisfying

    The daily meal we offer is complete as well as varied. Your child will be satisfied and nourished.

    Cancel Anytime

    Should wish you to cancel, we will refund or credit any remaining balance.

    Flexible Options Available

    Of course we want you to purchase lunches every day! However we know that today's customer needs flexibility. Choose between 1-5 days a week or add more at a later date.

    Healthy & Varied

    To help growth

    Made with Passion

    Our team love what they do, so you'll love what we make!!


    For All Of Your Painting Needs.

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    Interior Painting

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    Exterior Painting

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    Commercial Painting

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    Minor Renovations

  • Get fresh with us.

    Excellence never stops.​